Each day of treatment will be similar in expectations and we ask that you adhere to our guidelines as they are put forth to keep you and others safe. Prior to any infusion treatment, we will require a government-issued photo ID, completion of a questionnaire regarding your illness as well as consent forms acknowledging that you understand the rules, risks and that there is no guarantee and that this treatment is not a cure but an adjunct to your current therapy regimen.

It is also good to be aware that you will be awake through most of the infusion period, however, you may rest or sleep if you choose to. Many clients find it helpful and relaxing to listen to music so you are encouraged to bring your electronic device and headphones if you choose. As you get deeper into the infusion process it may be difficult to carry on a conversation with those around you, so we encourage you to focus on getting comfortable, relax and pay attention to what you are feeling.