After we have received and reviewed your medical history and completed acknowledgment of ongoing care by a mental health professional or primary care practitioner, we will schedule an initial complimentary consultation which is 20 minutes in duration. At the initial consultation, if we decide that you are a good candidate for IV infusions, we will schedule you for your initial 2 treatments. IV infusions have been shown to bring about a positive change in 70% of patients so the majority of our patients will notice relief in pain and mood disorders within 1 or 2 treatments. When it has been determined that the infusion is a success, we will schedule additional treatments in accordance with our protocols. Schedules may vary depending upon disease process, individual needs and client response.

Each IV infusion will begin with completing a questionnaire, establishment of an IV, and placement of vital sign monitors. The medication required for your plan of care will then be mixed into a saline infusion and administered via the IV catheter. Infusions will take place over a variable amount of time depending on the patient experience, adverse effects, and current diagnosis. Patients will be monitored throughout the infusion period as well as for the post-infusion period that may last from 30 minutes to an hour.

As a guideline, the more days of ketamine therapy in a row, the better resolution of symptoms. However, each disease process is different and we work with you to determine a treatment plan that works with your situation. Some patients may do well with a less intensive treatment plan but CRPS and RSD require intensive therapy. More than one series of infusions may be required to achieve resolution of symptoms.