Last Hope

During consultations and often at the end of first infusion our patients become very emotional and often state “This is my last hope.” The silent tears rolling down their cheeks are battle wounds from years of suffering with depression, anxiety, and/or chronic pain. One can never feel more honored and humbled by those words when they are laid down in front of you. But our response may surprise you…we acknowledge the feeling but say “This is NOT your last hope.”

The war against chronic pain and mental health is insidious and brutal. Our patients have tried EVERYTHING. They have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours seeking management of their chronic health disease. They arrive at our clinic vulnerable and skeptical. Afraid of judgement and another hope dashed. The scariest part is we are frank in that we CANNOT “fix” everything. We don’t know how long relief will last IF you get relief. We know that this treatment has changed lives, but we don’t know if it will change yours. We also know that in order for remission to be lasting it requires a collaboration between us and other health care providers. We also need you to commit to learning new skills and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this safe environment. This is NOT a miracle medication that fixes all problems. We are not selling snake oil and lies.

This is NOT your last hope because no matter your response to the treatment, at Thrive, we are in it for the long haul. We don’t give up on our patients. That may mean we consider other therapies and refer you to other providers. It may mean we send you an email weekly just to say: hi, we are thinking of you today. We will try to help you find a provider that understands you and you feel comfortable with. It may mean trying other medications for infusions. It always means we are CONSTANTLY learning and reading on this evolving practice and we will always give you the best we know. It isn’t the easy and most profitable path, but it is the path we have committed ourselves to. Our treatment schedules have changed, we’ve added medications and changed dosages and we participate in conferences, webinars and Facebook groups in order to be on the cutting edge of treatment options. Perhaps you’ve noticed Kelli and my super mature matching friendship necklaces that say “BROS.” It’s from a song that perfectly describes our friendship and relationship and the chorus “You tell me all the time, I got plans.” We don’t jump into anything without plans. Kelli and I joke that we are often healthcare concierges because we have been working in the Bismarck/Mandan healthcare community since 2005, we know amazing healthcare providers in our very own backyard.

We take your vulnerability of placing your “last hope” with us personal. We’ve read your medical history and we are only a bystander to the road you have walked but we see in those tears the years of hopelessness. Just know that Thrive Anesthesia Services will never be your last hope but your reset, restart, refocus and recover.


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