Introducing Kelli

What better way for you all to get to know Kelli and me at Thrive Anesthesia Services than for us to write a blog introducing ourselves, right?! But let’s put a spin on it to keep it interesting. Lura is going to introduce you to Kelli and Kelli is going to write the introduction to Lura. Great way to base a partnership and friendship on bringing out each other’s flaws publicly. Who’s ready for a roast?

Kelli is just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world… wait that’s a song… Kelli is a small-town girl from Steele, ND. She was active in sports, including cheerleading (seriously this surprised me to no end, still does) as well as basketball and anything else to keep her busy from actually attending school. Good thing she is super smart. I don’t think she was her teachers’ favorite student as she had a sticker on the blackboard that she had to put her nose on everyday due to talking (Kelli actually does not have an indoor voice, it’s been proven). After high school, she dreamed of moving to the big city (not Bismarck people) and was on her way to Chicago. Somehow with living in Chicago she met Chris while he was living in Bismarck. They courted from afar, broke up over a churro on Navy Pier and then got married. Onto Grand Forks they went for college… but then came back to Bismarck and Kelli graduated from MedCenter One School of Nursing (she’s so old it doesn’t even exist anymore) while 9 months pregnant with her Ella. Big changes went down in May of 2005: Kelli had a baby and she met me. Onward to work at CHI’s ICU where Kelli excelled and she realized we were best friends. As Kelli is not one to sit still she decided it is off to anesthesia school I go to Texas Wesleyan University in Fort, Worth, Texas. Kelli loves Texas. She wants to go back every weekend. Kelli was in clinical rotation and I was her boss (best days of my life) but then she graduated and I couldn’t boss her around anymore. She continued her work as a staff CRNA at CHI St. Alexius Health until we jumped off the cliff into Thrive Anesthesia Services.

Kelli’s husband, Chris, is an every other day hero (he’s a fireman and works like 11 days a month, it’s a joke, fireman are heroes and awesome, chill out). In his free time, which he has plenty of, he is a hockey dad. That is a full-time job. He coaches and coordinates. He’s a great guy but his clothing choices are questionable. Chris is also a volunteer receptionist at Thrive Anesthesia Services. His job seems to include following me around and talking to the back of my head. He tells very elaborate, long stories.

Chris and Kelli’s daughter, Ella, is a great combination of the two and they deserve her. She is attitude, sass and spunk all rolled up into a super tall teenager. Ella is a hockey lover and snap chat enthusiast except when she is rocking a flip phone because her phone is either broken or she is grounded. She is in charge of keeping Kelli and I looking fetch and such…

For someone as bad at geography as Kelli is, she sure gets around. Kelli volunteers and is a board member of Citizens of the World Foundation. Kelli makes bi-annual trips to Haiti to teach and help with equipment procurement for anesthesia providers in Haiti. Kelli is one of the hardest working, compassionate and loving people I know. She is a fighter who isn’t going to take no for an answer (which is really annoying sometimes). We broke up once for 6 months and I was incomplete. We’ve been through some of the best and worst times of our lives together and she is my ride or die.  She challenges me daily to be better and know more. I am so happy to have her in my life as a friend and now business partner.

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