Esketamine. Where we at?

Between the TODAY show, CNN, The Washington Post, etc. those of you that follow us are probably wondering, how soon can we start???

First, I am so happy that you are so excited because the impact of depression on lives is crippling. Any of us who struggle personally or see loved one’s suffering know that WE ARE READY!!! Let’s jump in right? Well, hear me out. I promise I am not going to “hate on” Esketamine, I just want to explain a few things. (more…)

Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America’s Rising Suicide Rate

A version of the club drug is expected to be approved for depression in March. Researchers think it could help treat suicidal thinking.



What better way for you all to get to know Kelli and me at Thrive Anesthesia Services than for us to write a blog introducing ourselves, right?! But let’s put a spin on it to keep it interesting. Lura is going to introduce you to Kelli and Kelli is going to write the introduction to Lura. Great way to base a partnership and friendship on bringing out each other’s flaws publicly. Who’s ready for a roast?



Second installment of Thrive Anesthesia Services mind blowing and incredibly engaging blog. Let’s be clear right from the start. I, Kelli Gabel, am a creative procrastinator that has mastered the art of diversion when I don’t want to do something. That is exactly what has left you all pining after my witty translation of who Lura Jo Spears is. I have been wondering for weeks how I can accurately introduce you to the one person who is connected to every aspect of my life. Well, be prepared for a wildly over descriptive ride for this creative writing assignment.



What is chronic pain?

This seems like it would be the easiest question to answer, but even in the medical community this answer is tricky. If we break it down, chronic means persisting for a long time or constantly recurring. For example: I struggle with back pain. Thankfully, at this point, I manage it medically with steroid injections and I only have a really bad flair up about once a year. This is still chronic pain.



DYNAMIC!!! So the definition of Kelli’s favorite word is: marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change. I tease Kelli about the overuse of this word but when it comes to Thrive Anesthesia Services that adjective pretty much hits the nail on the head.


Last Hope

During consultations and often at the end of the first infusion our patients become very emotional and often state “This is my last hope.” The silent tears rolling down their cheeks are battle wounds from years of suffering with depression, anxiety, and/or chronic pain. One can never feel more honored and humbled by those words when they are laid down in front of you. But our response may surprise you…we acknowledge the feeling but say “This is NOT your last hope.”



Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Robin Williams. This is most certainly a short list of people in the spotlight who have committed suicide. They had fame, often fortune and lived under a microscope. And then we have the “not famous” people who we all know who have committed suicide. Some that have the fortune but perhaps not the fame. Those that exist amongst the marginalized and certainly not in the spotlight. Those that have private battles and some have public battles. Suicide is not a win or a loss of a battle. It is not a selfish or selfless act. It is not strength or weakness. It is pain.