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We will utilize therapies that are supported by evidence-based clinical studies, clinical experience and published research. Our protocols for treatment serve as guidelines and as a framework, however, we respect that each disease process is different as is each individual. Every treatment plan is customized to your unique needs as well as diagnosis. Some patients will experience relief at much more rapid time interval as well as varying dosages for adequate resolution of symptoms.

IV infusion therapy is traditionally only offered in a hospital or acute care inpatient setting. Here, at Thrive, we provide IV infusions as a simple outpatient procedure in private treatment rooms that promote a climate of support, relaxation, safety and understanding. Our offices are conveniently located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The environment that has been created facilitates self-reflection, acceptance and realization which promotes feelings of well-being during and after the infusion.

The treatment process begins upon completion of a free of charge 20 minute evaluation which is spent getting to know you, your experience with your current diagnosis and a brief medical history. This assessment will then be followed up by a comprehensive review of your current health status including medical records, official documentation of your diagnosis and contact with your primary care provider, pain specialist and counselor/therapist. Once an adequate understanding of your health and diagnosis is accomplished, one of our skilled clinicians will design a course of treatment that best suits your needs and goals.

A typical course of treatment here at Thrive consists of a series of low dose IV infusions administered over a selected amount of time and over 5 to 14 days (either every day or every other day) depending on your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms. As you undergo any infusion treatment and for a recovery period after, you will be closely monitored by one of our certified registered nurses of anesthesia to ensure you receive the highest standard of care and are exceedingly protected in the event of any potential problems.

It is important to understand that treatment intensities vary. Through the use of evidence-based protocols, we are able to adjust treatment based on individual variation. It is of great importance to us that your treatment is managed according to you and your relief of symptoms. All clients need to be aware that this is not a CURE but it is a silver lining. Many reputable, cutting edge treatments are based on trial, error and evaluation. Many patients have benefited significantly from these treatments experiencing almost immediate relief while others may respond less intensely. Please keep in mind that the most permanent, effective and efficient way to heal is to maintain a comprehensive continuum of care through an individualized infusion therapy regime used in conjunction with your primary care treatment plan.

Above all, it is our goal to assist you in achieving remission as soon as possible and for as long as possible in the safest and most attainable way imaginable. Working in collaboration with Thrive and your primary care team, you will be revitalized by the knowledge that remission and relief are possible.

Who is Thrive?

Kelli Gabel

Kelli Gabel


I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities to provide over 12 years of critical care to our community in North Dakota. In reflection, I feel that my simple local girl life has been filled with promise. I have always been eager to enrich my purpose and expand my horizons from border to border in North Dakota. I grew up in Steele, ND and was raised by two steadfast entrepreneurial parents that I am pretty sure were convinced I would grow up to be a gypsy rather than a self-proclaimed pioneer of innovative therapies.

My dreams began to be realized when in 2001, I began my journey to achieve a Bachelor in Science of Nursing and graduated in 2005 from Medcenter One College of Nursing. Post-graduation I started my professional career as a registered nurse in a local intensive care unit, was blessed with my incredibly amazing daughter and befriended the remarkable person that I now call my co-founder of this dynamic therapeutic clinic. It was during this time that myself and my extraordinary husband chose to root our family in Bismarck.

Soon after becoming an ICU RN I took notice of the high level of care, independence and education that the local CRNAs provided. It was that curiosity and pursuit of excellence that lead me to Texas Wesleyan University where in 2010 I earned my board certifications in Nurse Anesthesia and opened my next chapter as a CRNA.

Now armed with my education it became time to activate my passion and apply the tools to events taking place close to home. Having been engaged in an epic battle against mental health in my own family, I acquired a strong desire to assist in the advancement of treatment for mental health. In the past 10 years, one of my captivatingly lyrical sisters has waged a war against the internal destruction of her mental and emotional health. Being a support in her journey to health and remission, I have become familiar, educated and committed to not only her but to the many that suffer from these devastating illnesses.

It is this dedication and commitment to improving the care of those who often feel forgotten that leads me to ketamine and its profound effects on mental health. I have spent many long days and nights trying and hoping to find a way to impact this life-shattering disease. Launching Thrive Anesthesia Services will provide a way in which I can have a direct impact on those lives in our community bringing me even closer to realizing my dreams.

Lura Spears

Lura Spears


I was born and raised in Bismarck, ND. I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing and a Master’s Degree of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from Texas Wesleyan University. I practiced as an ICU nurse and nurse anesthetist at a local hospital from 2005 until 2017 when I opened Thrive Anesthesia Services with my everyday partner-in-crime Kelli.

My dad always told me I should take business classes and true to form I rebelled and excelled in science. I should have listened… sorry dad. I am now a co-founder of two businesses, Thrive Anesthesia Services and Citizens of the World Foundation. Citizens of the World Foundation works with developing healthcare systems throughout the world to empower and educate future anesthesia providers in their communities. Both Kelli and I are deeply invested in this project which also helped us open Thrive Anesthesia Services in order to support our local community.

I am married to a northern Minnesota man who lovingly followed me to North Dakota. We have two wild, fun boys in addition to two dogs and a lizard. 

What is a CRNA?

A CRNA is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, these professionals have a Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia. Nurse Anesthetists may practice independently in 38 states. North Dakota is one of these states. Nurse Anesthetists complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing, work in an intensive care unit for an average of 3 years and then complete a Master’s program between 2.5 to 3 years in length. Traditionally, we provide all inpatient anesthesia services including pre-operative and post-operative evaluations, plan of care, general anesthetics, sedation and regional anesthesia as well as private pain management. CRNAs are credentialed and nationally recognized as experts in anesthesia. CRNAs are well educated in the effects and adverse effects of medications and are highly qualified to administer them in an outpatient setting as well as possess the skills to evaluate and intervene if should potential or life-threatening events occur.

We are NOT psychiatrists or psychologists and do NOT specialize in the clinical treatment of depression or other mental health illnesses. However, you will receive the highest level of expertise in our professional field and we will work alongside your primary care provider to determine if you are eligible for the treatments we offer and if it is in your best interest to receive the treatment. Both CRNAs here at Thrive have over 7 years of experience in administering these anesthetic agents and are highly skilled in providing you with a safe and comfortable private environment.

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