Intravenous Infusion Therapies

Reviving the lives of those suffering from chronic pain and mental health disorders.

The Story

Thrive Anesthesia Services is an outpatient, private clinic that is owned and operated by two Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Kelli Gabel and Lura Spears. Our practices is located in Bismarck North Dakota. We specialize in the treatment of chronic pain and major depressive disorders through the intravenous infusion of medications specifically indicated for your individualized care.

In addition to our extensive expertise in the administration and utilization of this effective and cutting edge treatment, we established Thrive based on some very simple concepts: passion, drive, resilience, acceptance and benevolence. Thrive is the silver lining to your suffering and we are committed to facilitating your journey back to your unique and amazing self.

Intravenous infusion therapies offered at Thrive are an exciting new option to explore for people who have experienced crushing circumstances related to treatment-resistant pain, depression and other mental health concerns. We are excited to provide our community with an exclusive modality of treatment that can positively transition those affected by these chronic conditions from feeling helpless to feelings of empowerment and well-being. It is our hope to provide a legacy of remission along with a reinvention of life for a sometimes forgotten society.

Intravenous Infusion Therapy

A progressive treament for chronic Conditions

Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy has recently presented itself as a progressive treatment option for chronic conditions that desperately require new therapies. IV infusions have been available as treatment options for over a half a century however, over the last 15 years, they have catapulted into treatment plans worldwide because of a growing number of research studies and clinical impression that support their benefit, safety and efficacy in a myriad of areas.

The Thrive Design

Aiding you in living an enjoyable and functional life

The design of Thrive’s therapeutic approach is focused on symptom relief, remission and to aid you in living an enjoyable and functional life. Our intent is to provide a patient-centered, collaborative approach that is consistent in communication and evaluation in order to supply you with the most optimal outcome.

Areas of Focus

Your journey towards relief starts here

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